web site designs for small business
web site designs for small business
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We are a comprehensive web development company. We cover the entire range of services you may need to advertise your business on the Internet, from concept and design of your website, to incorporating E-commerce, web application development, database integration, to managed hosting and search engine marketing, to computer networking and intranets. We can also create multimedia brochures or presentations. Our Content Management System can help you keep your website up to date without the need to hire a professional. To learn more about our services, please click the links on the right to go to each service's page.

The Process: Before we start your project, we have a meeting with you to discuss different aspects of the project. Logistics permitting, we like to make this meeting a face-to-face one, but for those clients who are far away, or have time constraints, we can replace the face-to-face meeting with phone conversation, e-mail exchanges, and instant messaging. This meeting allows us to understand your requirements and preferences, and to answer your questions. At the end of this meeting, we usually have a good idea of the project requirements and will be able to complete our standard contract, with details about the project and its cost.

Short after the above initial consultation, a sketch of the project will be submitted for your review. Based on your comments, a semi final version of the project will, then, be designed. This last version is a fully functional implementation of the project that will be reviewed again before its finalization.

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