web site designs for small business
web site designs for small business
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Search Engine Marketing

Our Search Engine Positioning (SEP) strategy is designed around the needs of small businesses and organizations.

When you sign a SEP contract with us, we work with you to create a specific SEP plan for your web site.

First, we check your web site design to make sure that it is SEP-friendly. If not , then we need to re-design it. If we design the web site ourselves, then we ensure SEP readiness.

The next step is keyword selection. We work with you to come up with 10 keywords related to your business. We then optimize the web site for the selected keywords, and write additional files such as doorway pages and robots.txt files when necessary.

In the third step, we manually submit the web site to all the major search engines and directories. We usually need about 2 months for the submission to go through all the search engines. At the end of this period, we'll submit a full report of your website's ranking on all the search engines, for the selected keywords.

This process will always get a prominent ranking for your web site on at least one of the major search engines (In most cases a top 30 ranking).

The total charge for this service is $600 - flat

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