web site designs for small business
web site designs for small business
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Web Design & Re-design

Is your business in need of an image boost on the Internet, but you are not quite sure how to achieve it? Do you feel that you have some bright idea about that killer online business that will change your life. But it is hidden somewhere in the back of your mind, too vague to take action on it? Or maybe you are not happy with your present website and feel you need a website makeover? Then why not call us for a free consultation? Together, we may be able to bring your ideas closer to reality. We are very good at listening and solving problems, and we have lots of experience in many areas of the Internet technology. Over the years, we have developed appealing, intuitive, and functional websites for our customers. Websites that work!

If you need it, we can put Flash animations in your website to impress your visitors, or we can build your website entirely with Flash.

We also offer website transfer services, in case you want to change hosting company and need to transfer your website to the new host.

To create dynamic or database driven websites, we mainly use PHP and MySQL. We think that these technologies are the most suitable for the type of applications that we create for small to medium size enterprises. But we can also use JSP and Cold Fusion scripting languages. Our website development charges are based on an hourly rate of $60 for static parts of the website, and $80 for the application development part. As part of our contract, we will define the scope of the work to be done for your web site, so before you sign, you will know your exact costs..

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